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"...I've been successful in the music business for 40 years, and I can tell you that Jaci's book The Indie Guide To Music, Marketing and Money gives you that plan. You won't need to figure it out by trial and error. Now it's up to you to follow that plan and successfully spread your music."

Dennis Marcellino
Of Sly & The Family Stone, The Elvin Bishop Group, and The Tokens. www.DennisMarcellino.com

"I might have to eat my words about no one is going to come along with a magic wand...you come awfully close!! Boy do I wish I had half that information 20 years ago! What a gift you are giving so many up-and-coming musicians. I might even try to pursue my career again!"

-- Elisabeth Carlisle - Former A&M artist www.glacierrecords.com


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The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money

Jaci Rae: Singer, Writer...Renaissance Woman

She could have just been a singing star and that would have been enough.

It would have been enough - more than enough - for anyone with a fabulous voice and a dream. Win the Golden Music Awards "Female Vocalist of the Year"...earn the prestigious Levi Strauss award...garner a bunch of other industry awards...release some fantastic CDs ­ as Jaci has ­ and the average person could have died then with a great, big smile on their face.

Jaci Rae is not your average person.

Far from it, in fact. She is that rare woman in command of a range of creative skills, thoroughly able to impact the world with each one.

A Singer...Like a River

When Jaci started out in the music business, she was the greenest of greenies. An outsider's outsider. Faced with those kinds of impossible odds, the hopes of hundreds of thousands of other would-be singing stars have withered on the vine and died.

It only made Jaci all the more determined.

She had little idea how to launch her own singing career. There were, after all, no manuals on the subject available to a poor child. So she learned. Several years of trial and error later - of learning what made music execs and their unusual industry tick - yielded success. Great success in fact. To date, Jaci has achieved four number one singles in her brand of heartfelt country...plus top 20 on the CMA charts in Europe.

Her latest CD, Can't Push a River, is a critical and commercial success. Said DJ, Chris Allen, from Big Kat 98.9 in Minnesota: "There is so much heart and soul in Jaci's music! Incredible CD!" More praise followed. "This is a great CD. The first 2 songs are especially Terrific. All in all it's a great CD and should do well for her, " said Grand Ole Opry Star, Ernie Ashworth.

And from across the pond, Raymond Phillips from Country Harvest Radio in Australia said, "Can't Push a River is truly a first class product, something Jaci can really be proud of from the first to the last track!" And the list goes on!

Accomplish this much and people will call you a leader. But Jaci was just getting started.

Cutting a Path to Music Success

... Then Mapping the Way

Not everyone can write. Fortunately, Jaci Rae can.

With that talent, she has given others the roadmap to music success she never had.

It's called The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money. To many budding singing stars, it is the single missing piece in their music career puzzle.

"WOW! Jaci Rae's book, The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money, is what I have been looking for all along!" said singer, Justin Timestin. He's not alone. With the Guide's help, Reginald Owens and his partner, "not only got college bookings, radio, and Internet airplay, but also the number nine spot in the CMJ."

The thing is, testimonials like these are typical of the feedback Jaci's book generates. The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money has changed (and will change) the destinies of struggling singers and musicians throughout America.

But here's what's so remarkable: Not everyone returns after they've achieved success to help others succeed, too.

Jaci is that rare person.

Writing Relationship Wrongs

Helping relationships succeed is another of Jaci's crusades.

The fact that so many marriages crash and burn is an issue with her. To Jaci, it's just common sense that good relationships boil down to good communication. That was an important lesson Jaci learned early on as a counselor for troubled youth.

With all their science, psychologists and psychiatrists still don't have the answer to the divorce epidemic (collectively, the group has an outrageous divorce rate of 90 percent). Jaci knew that and struggled to come up with her own model for teaching, her own style for instructing principles of communication in relationships.

She found it in football, of all places.

Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time is an original work, a refreshing, slightly tongue-in-cheek comparison of football and relationships that gives men a memorable way of visualizing male/female action and reaction.

"The award-winning singer's 10th book tackles the subject of improving romantic relationships. Cleverly using football plays, scrimmage strategies, and tactical maneuvers as analogies, she shows the male reader how to score big points with their woman, " wrote Richard Leiby of The Washington Post.

Couples have already written to thank her for the huge help this book has been. But this is just one more impact from a very impactful woman.

Renaissance Lady

With her tenth self-help book completed; with her music career firmly on course; with all of these accomplishments coming at a very early age, Jaci remains grateful for her blessings and excited about the future.

Her future will undoubtedly include many new achievements.

A "Renaissance Woman" is someone accomplished in a number of fields, including the arts and sciences.

What a perfect way to describe Jaci Rae.

For more on Jaci, go to: www.jacirae.com

Jaci Rae’s grit and determination brought her from a poor childhood to a successful singer and author who tours around the world. She is the recipient of the "Female Vocalist of the Year" award at the Golden Music Awards in Nashville, TN as well as a No. 1 Best selling author. 

Jaci is the dating coach for igniteromance.com, on the dating team of Savvymiss.com, the relationship expert for lovingyou.com and is a relationship advisor for loveisgreat.com and singlescafe.net.

She is the author of The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money, as well as Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time (Simon and Schuster), Shop for a Day with Jaci Rae and Collista's Search for the True Meaning of Christmas. Jaci spends her spare time working on her music, writing and hanging out with family and friends.  For more information, go to http://www.jacirae.com or http://www.winningromance.com

About.com Dating Guide lists Jaci's book, Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time in the top six of all time dating / relationship books.


"I long for the day when we are no longer defined by race, color, or class, but by a world that is undivided and unified by compassion, understanding and love". Jaci Rae

Jaci Rae's new No. 1 Amazon and Barnes and Noble Best Selling book, "Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time, " is brilliantly executed and creatively explicit in targeting the most difficult audience on the planet, the American male. "Winning Points" is not really the Freudian kind of advice you'd expect, but you are in for a treat.

Kick back, relax, put your feet up and make sure the lighting is just right. You're about to read one of the most insightful books on female behavior ever produced. A definite must read of this millennium!

Jaci Rae is a star quarterback in her portrayal of the battle of the ultimate 'super-goal' for men and women and just what it takes to get a ‘touchdown' for both sides.

Where does she get all that dynamite expertise? Her own life experience, of course. So, who is Jaci Rae? And just where does she get the nerve to lay out the ‘playing field?'
Jaci Rae is an extra-ordinary woman who never gives up and just won't accept the status quo. She began her amazing public life at the Jerry Lewis Walk-a-thon when she was just five years old. Bravely walking into the crowd of the JLW, Jaci walked that year not knowing she needed a sponsor, only knowing she had to walk for those who couldn't. At 6 she came back with the needed sponsors and a burning desire to help. Jaci won the award for walking the farthest as well having the most sponsors in the youth category.

Action and re-action amused and excited her. At 8 years old she began writing poetry to express her curiosity of life. Her curiosity continued and by the age of 9 Jaci had read many books on the study of communication, relationships and the human mind, taking note of the minute details of behavior. By the time she was 15 Jaci had read countless books on communication and psychology in addition to taking a course in psychology. She privately studied forensic science including FBI profiling and the criminal mind. Jaci entered college with a minor in psychology and a major in music.

As a result of working as a youth counselor in her early years, and her observations and research in psychology, Jaci understood the need to communicate effectively in order to avoid "Getting Benched" (chapter 8). With the divorce rate at almost 50% Jaci just wasn't satisfied to learn from her professor that psychologists, counselors and psychiatrists had an even higher divorce rate. Something was wrong. Jaci made the decision to write about these types of problems while she worked mostly on developing her musical talents. Being a psychologist wasn't appealing anymore. However, getting past the behavioral obstacles still was a major curiosity to her.

Sidebar: (In 1992 the divorce rate was 48%. However, the last-reported U.S. divorce rate for a calendar year is 40% per capita per year, the provisional estimate for the year 2002 from the National Center for Health Statistics. The highest divorce rate continues to remain among psychologists and psychiatrists.)

Jaci's writing career began when she was asked to write a distribution article for DiscMakers magazine. Subsequently, due to her extraordinary musical successes and writing prowess she was asked to write many articles that in turn led to writing her first book. She has written ten books, most designed to help people communicate more effectively. The rest are designed to help people succeed in understanding music, understanding life, and understanding self. She has been on numerous advice panels, and has routinely been a guest writer for various magazines. Her first book, "The The Indie Guide to Music Success" became itself a success and a reason to continue writing. With one book after another under her belt, she finally "tackled" the difficult subject of relationships.

Jaci's newly released No. 1 Best Selling book, "Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time - How To Score For Men and Women" addresses relational problems for men. The book is designed to help men and women appreciate the loved one in their lives while enjoying every bit of the game. She creatively uses a language that most men can understand and enjoy. Her premise is that "once your mate is satisfied, they'll spend a lifetime wanting to satisfy you."

Jaci's other achievements include several hit singles and award winning discs, with an emphasis on Country. She has won several awards such as "Female Vocalist of the Year" with Golden Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, the Levi Strauss award to name a few as well as mastering several musical instruments and professional photography.

Her upcoming release of, "Cant Push a River" reflects the attitude of her continual "Molly Brown" outlook. Jaci Rae is, after all, an extra-ordinary woman.

To find out more about Jaci Rae - "The Rae of Hope, " go to: http://www.winningpoints.net

Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time is available at retail stores around the world as well as online.

Jaci Rae

Jaci Rae is a multi talented artist taking the independents by storm, and now she's setting her sights on the majors. Touring across the world she is making fans with each person one show at a time.

Jaci Rae's career started at age four. She credits her Grandmother for her love of music and encouraging her to learn to play as many instruments as she could. By age ten, she was learning to play sax, piano, flute, guitar, and drums. In a small club she saw a woman singing and caught the bug. She demanded the owner let her sing too. He reluctantly put her on stage and then discovered what everyone else is finding out: Jaci has the goods!

Jaci was hooked, and soon gained a reputation in the Santa Cruz, California area, where she was raised, and became a popular performer on the club and fair circuit. This caught the eye of some promoters and labels. Jaci started touring overseas into Europe, winning over the critics and gaining popularity to return. She recorded her first Album "Downhome Girl, " which contained the hits "Perfect Strangers" and "I Gotta Dance." With fans screaming for more she finished her second album, "Jaci Rae."

The buzz around the Indies was this could be the one to establish her place in music history. That's when it started ... radio airplay, interviews, more touring, topping the Indies charts and award nominations. Jaci's first single, "I've Been There Too" went to No. 1 on the independent charts. Her second single, "Coffee's on the Table, " shot immediately to No. 1 and remained in that position for 8 weeks. Jaci hit No. 1 again with "Convince Me" and "The Best Of Me." 4 No. 1 singles, and 8 tracks in the top 40 in just 5 months. Jaci won "Female Vocalist of the Year" at the Golden Music Music Awards in Nashville. It didn't stop there - the world was discovering Jaci Rae! Even in Japan, Italy, Australia, and the Netherlands.This would have made any artist sit back and enjoy their success, but it only made Jaci want to work harder.

Jaci has just undertaken the biggest album of her career, "Can't Push A River." This masterpiece showcases the songs that inspired Jaci to perform, and illustrates the passion and emotion she can put into her vocals.

With her global appeal, stage presence, and explosive package to come, Jaci Rae has become the artist to watch.

Jaci Rae Fact Sheet

• Can't Push A River
• Jaci Rae
Hit Singles
• Going Till I'm Gone
• Perfect Strangers
• I've Been There Too
• Coffee's On The Table
• The Indie Guide To Music, Marketing and Money
• On The Wings Of Angels - A Celebration of Our Hero's
• Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time
• The Playbook - Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time
• But Mommy, my Name's Not Susan (for the girls)
• But Mommy My Names Not Brian (for the boys)
• Collista's Search for the True Meaning of Christmas
• Ooey Gooey Gum Drops and Other Fun Things
• The Fish Who Wanted To Fly
• The Life and Times of Large Busted Woman
• Cover of "Education Today"
• Stock photography line
• Full line of posters
• "Female Vocalist of the Year" Golden Music Music Awards in Nashville, TN
• Levi Strauss "Band of the Year"
• Top 20 on CMA charts in Europe

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Jaci Rae
Can't Push A River



Song Title Time (Song Credits)

Goin' Till I'm Gone 3:07 Sample (Mark Irwin, James Nihan)
A Broken Wing 3:33 Sample (James House, Same Hogin, Phil Barnet)
Don't Think Twice 2:40 Sample (Bob Dylan)
Where I Used To Have A Heart 3:55 Sample (Craig Bickhardt)
Lost In Texas 3:48 Sample (Nelda Sisk/Deborah Berwyn/Gregory Delang)

Crazy 3:22 Sample (Willie Nelson)
Can't Push A River 3:29 Sample (Stephanie C. Brown/Lynn Langham)
Something's Going To Happen 3:28 Sample (Nelda Sisk/George Sisk )
Under The Rainbow 3:11 Sample (Ray Methvin, James Nihan)
Boots On Her Feet 2:47 Sample (Unknown)
Completely 3:42 Sample (Jennifer Day, Liz Hengber, Tommy Lee James)
When The Time Comes 4:29 Sample (David Kavich)

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