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Jaci Rae
Can't Push A River





Song Title Time (Song Credits)

Goin' Till I'm Gone 3:07 Sample (Mark Irwin, James Nihan)
A Broken Wing 3:33 Sample (James House, Same Hogin, Phil Barnet)
Don't Think Twice 2:40 Sample (Bob Dylan)
Where I Used To Have A Heart 3:55 Sample (Craig Bickhardt)
Lost In Texas 3:48 Sample (Nelda Sisk/Deborah Berwyn/Gregory Delang)
Crazy 3:22 Sample (Willie Nelson)
Can't Push A River 3:29 Sample (Stephanie C. Brown/Lynn Langham)
Something's Going To Happen 3:28 Sample (Nelda Sisk/George Sisk )
Under The Rainbow 3:11 Sample (Ray Methvin, James Nihan)
Boots On Her Feet 2:47 Sample (Unknown)
Completely 3:42 Sample (Jennifer Day, Liz Hengber, Tommy Lee James)
When The Time Comes 4:29 Sample (David Kavich)


Jaci Rae
Jaci Rae





Song Title Time (Song Credits)

Your Coffee's on the Table 2:53 Sample (David Brewer, Faye Brewer, Scotty Robinson)
I've Been There Too 3:43 Sample (Tom Paden, Dorothy Sea Gazely, Debbie James, Marvin Marrow)
Take A Number 3:00 Sample (Jim Reith, Warren Wiegratz)
Convince Me 3:54 Sample (CC del Verle, Diana Black, Wendy Sager)
River of Love 3:46 Sample (Buddy Blackmon)
I Know Where There's One 3:14 Sample (Kerry Kurt Phillips, Tammy Pierce)
The Best of Me 2:23 Sample (CC del Verle, Wendy Sager, Robert Bidney)
The Last One 2:57 Sample (Carol Coffey)
Love Never Hurt Nobody 3:34 Sample (Buddy Blackmon, George McCorkle, Joni Harris)
Right Person at the Right Time 2:26 Sample (Tom Payden, Tim Taylor)
Heart Like a Wheel 2:22 Sample (Buddy Blackmon, Gordon Bradberry)


Jaci Rae
Downhome Girl




Song Title Time (Song Credits)

Perfect Strangers 4:17 Sample (Larry Dunn)
Coat of Many Colors 3:11 Sample (Dolly Parton)
I Gotta Dance 2:24 Sample (Tom Faia)
Your Side of the Bed 2:40 Sample (Lindy Gravelle)
Whole Lotta Trouble for a Little Bit of Love 2:51 Sample (Tom Faia)



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