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Jaci Rae Reviews

A few fun articles about Jaci

Article 1 written by Megan "Jaci Rae Profile " click here

Article 2 written by Jessica "Jaci Rae Biography" click here

What People are Saying About Jaci Rae, The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money and Can't Push A River

"Jaci Rae is a one-women power house. She's had great success as an author, musician, radio show host and more. In her Book "The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money" she reveals everything she's learned in her colorful career - from recording and running a music business to publicity, promotion and sales.

A great primer on the music biz from an insider who has been there and done it on her own terms!"

Bob Baker, author of "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook"

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound? If you make music and nobody hears it, did it make a difference? So you love to make music.

If that music is made out of inspiration, then it's going to move others. But to get your music to others you need a plan.

I've been successful in the music business for 40 years, and I can tell you that Jaci's book The Indie Guide To Music, Marketing and Money gives you that plan. You won't need to figure it out by trial and error. Now it's up to you to follow that plan and successfully spread your music."

Dennis Marcellino
Of Sly & The Family Stone, The Elvin Bishop Group, and The Tokens.

"I was struggling to find my way in the music industry and let me tell you I was having a really hard time as an indie artist! I stumbled across The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money by Jaci Rae and what a difference! Jaci Rae tells it like it is and helped me learn not only how to market my music more effectively, but how to run my own business from the ground up. Thanks to Jaci and The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money I have changed my strategy and I am getting bookings across America."

-- Cameron Beach, Trenton, NJ

"I might have to eat my words about no one is going to come along with a magic come awfully close!! Boy do I wish I had half that information 20 years ago! What a gift you are giving so many up-and-coming musicians. I might even try to pursue my career again!"

-- Elisabeth Carlisle - Former A&M artist

WOW!  WOW can I say it again.  Jaci Rae's book, The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money, is just what I have been looking for all along!  To top that off, she has offered wonderful and invaluable free information on her site.  So I wanted to say THANK YOU!  Your information in the book as well as your free articles have helped me further my career and make wise business choices as well as those incredible marketing ideas!  Thank you!" 

-- Justin Timestin, Punk-it out!

WORD TO THE WISE  Hi, I just wanted to drop a few lines to tell everyone how helpful the Jaci Rae's The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money, LA Music Talks, and Marc Davison of ALL AREA ACCESS have been to my partner and I. We, in the earlier part of this year started a publishing company, Kymbuloo Publishing.  With their help we have not only gotten college bookings, radio and Internet airplay, but also the number nine spot in the CMJ (College Music Journal). We have a CD single that has been selling, surprisingly, well.

-- Reginald Owens  Kymbuloo Publishing

I thought the book was pretty thorough and well written.  It seems fairly consistent with what Tim Sweeney and Diane Rapaport had to say, but I like the detail you went to.  I especially appreciated the honesty with respect to getting airplay on college with country, as neither of the other two authors I mentioned touched on that , and I suspected that would be an issue.  It's good to hear that from some personal experience.

--Rick Paul Lake Forest, CA

... "Can't Push a River" is just wonderful, I enjoyed every track. I will be presenting a track on each of my programs, commencing from this Friday (Sunrise Country) and I also want to arrange with my Program Manager, the opportunity to feature and profile your CD on one program, your music is much deserving of much air-play, really beautiful music - you have a new fan, me. Best wishes and much success with your European Tour."

Ralph Cooper FM 101.5 Sunrise Country

"I love every track and shows very clearly what an excellent singer you are. Not only that but you are also extremely beautiful as well. YOU HAVE A NEW FAN HERE JACI. I love the CD and wish you all the best with your tour. You will be on my show tomorrow. Talk to you soon and again thank you for sending me such excellent CD."

Lionel McGuire, DJ, Australia

"Can't Push a River" is truly a first class product, something you can really be proud of from the first to the last track. It has made my task hard to choose which one should be used first for airplay. Definitely marked for regular rotation on Country Harvest. CONGRATULATIONS for "Can't Push a River"

Raymond Phillips, Country Harvest Radio, Australia

"I really love Jaci's new album, I am looking forward seeing and hearing you again on stage. Happy your back with a great album We will give it a lot of airplay soon well take care and see in March when you're in Holland."

Jos Robben, Vechtdal FM

"Jaci Rae does her finest work to date...these are the songs that formed her, no wonder why there is so much heart and soul in them."

Chris Allen, Big Kat Morning Show, KTCO, Big Kat 98.9

"This is a great CD. The first 2 songs are Terrific! All in all it&No. 146;s a great CD and it should do well for her."

Ernie Ashworth, Grand Ole Opry Star

"After listening to the track snippets definitely, all are airplay worthy. You have a product to be proud of CONGRATULATIONS."

Raymond Phillips, Country Harvest Radio, Australia

"I've heard the so called "rough cut" of Jaci Rae's newest album release and all I can say is, 'WOW". Country music with something for everyone. Western swing, bluegrass and of course, some great country ballads. A must have for any collection."

Marlene Slater, My Kind of Country

"She's one of the freshest most exhilarating gals on the air today!"

Scott Davis, Program Director KOFI Country 104 FM, MI

"I heard the CD and it was FANTASTIC! It's the best one she has done yet. I especially liked the first song. Very different style for her, but awesome. She has a sultry but powerful voice on the ballads. Take it to the top!"

Shay Gosnell, TableTop Productions

"It was recently my pleasure to work with Jaci Rae on a 12 song recording project at Mikron Recording Studio in South Pittsburg, TN. I found Jaci to have a very lively personality and a wonderful voice.

Her enthusiasm for her music and her ability to deliver it in a very professional way was most impressive. Her choice of material showed a genuine knack for recognizing a good song with depth and meaning. I look forward to her next project and so do all the musicians who played on her recording. It was an enjoyable time. "

Mike Headrick, Mikron Studios, TN

"'s content brings to us a spirit, a sense of authenticity. Jaci Rae's voice is a mixture of softness, warmth altogether with strength expressed with a lot of conviction. She sings with her soul and heart and I hope she will keep on singing for a long time with the same enthusiasm."

Dominique Costanoga, ECMA, Country Roads France

" Jaci Rae is young and beautiful and fits perfectly into today's contemporary Country market. The song "River of Love" is a swampy tune, "The last One" is a big Ballad about love and features duet vocals by her co-producer, Jim Reith. Excellent Album!"

DCDJA, Dutch Country, Disc Jockeys Association

"Jaci Rae's combination of musical prowess, passionate vocals and high energy stage presence make Jaci Rae an artist to watch."

Rob Simbeck, ABC Radio Networks

"Jaci Rae's voice has the purity of Billy Holiday"

John Iveny Shelton, Legendary Journalist

" Jaci Rae - "With her full-length/self-titled CD just released, her blend of country, jazz, and even more country is a must for any fan of country. Very country oriented, it's jazzy feeling helps bring an extra zing to the music. Her voice always keeps the music sensual, no matter what the lyrics are saying, as she take you through romantic and heart breaking moments.

The music itself jumps from slow and very heart felt, to more up-tempo, bouncy numbers. Always keeping things lively, she never drives down the same path twice&No. 133;&No. 133;Although we haven't met, I'm sure we'd hit it off, country style. Look out for Jaci Rae on radio playlists and charts worldwide!"

"Santa Cruz native Jaci Rae has a new CD out titled "Downhome Girl." The five-song disc starts off with a jazzy number then follows with the Dolly Parton tune "Coat of Many Colors."

The other three song similarly carry on in the country style, Rae learned from listening to her grandparents' records as a child. The disc showcases her smooth, sweet and controlled voice while backing musicians such as locals Jim Norris and "Slippery" John Weston and Emmy Lou Harris' guitarist Frank Reckard provide an unobstructive bed of music. "Downhome Girl" sounds fresh and modern without bowing too much to the rock 'n' roll trends which ruin contemporary country.

As a result the disc has been warmly received by radio stations across the globe. Rae says that the disc is getting airplay in Kentucky, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Italy, and that record label in Holland is interested in picking up the disc.

Scott Cooper, Santa Cruz Sentinel

"Everything about this 5 track CD just screams country, from the front cover pic to the song titles & even to the bio. While country may not be my favorite style of music, I have to judge every demo on it's quality, not it's style, & this demo is quite simply put, pretty stunning.

"Perfect Strangers" opens the show, tinged slightly with a laid back jazzy feel & some crystalline vocals that penetrate, but don't overpower the music. Second in is a fair country classic, a cover of Dolly Parton's "Coat Of Many Colours", which is just as well performed, & the style eases off the extreme end of country, stoppingwelll short of 'twine & twang'.

The other three tracks include "I Gotta Dance" & "Whole Lotta Trouble For A Little Bit Of Love", which are a bit more lively, whilst the missing track is the best of all, an emotionally performed number called "Your Side Of The Bed". If only all country music was like this."

Heard Magazine, Australia

"Thanks a lot for you sending me your CD, it's wonderful. I'll play it on my radio program here and introduce you to my fans."

Charlie Nagatani, Country Gold, Japan

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